3 Leather Jackets from Massimo Dutti – Blue, Green, Cognac

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3 Leather Jackets from Massimo Dutti   Blue, Green, Cognac

The New York Times, on the topic of Massimo Dutti, yesterday said, “This might be the least expensive way in the city for a man to dress up.” The Spanish garment maker is filling a gap in the price points between high and low while providing quality garments for a certain gentleman.

The Massimo Dutti leather jackets, for instance, offer a very wide selection of looks, fits, and styles for all gent types. The blue leather jacket and green napa leather jacket remain subtle in color while providing strong fits. A slightly less fitted look comes with their nappa leather jacket in cognac; perfect for a more relaxed look.

All three are availble online from Massimo Dutti. Visit their newly opened shop in N.Y.C. at 689 Fifth Avenue.

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  • Balthazar

    Yes the blue jacket is nice piece. But how convenient you make this post, when this brand has just become one of your sponsors (can be seen on the right). This is shocking ‘journalism’, this is not blogging or delivering news but advertising and promotion with the only objective of lining your pockets. Shame on you Selectism, shame on you.

  • Balthazar

    This is merely advertising for your new sponsor. Deceiving your readers like this, shame on you.

  • Clay

    Hey Balthazaar, your conspiracy theory is laughable. Search they other advertisers on the side… not all fo them have posts, so whatever boring desk job you are breaking form to play detective, give it a rest. These are good looking jackets, at ag ood price, which is what I come to Selectism for. Idiot.