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Quintessentially Watches is a wonderful coffee-table book detailing the story of horology and instruments for measuring time. Linde Werdelin and 20 other luxury watchmakers are featured in the 212-page book through storytelling and images that outline some of the best timepieces from the makers. The book is written by “well-respected watch editors” and helps tell the story of watch collecting and the fascination with timepieces.

Punctuated with articles from industry-famous editors detailing the most iconic timepieces, the fascination and obsession with watch collecting, the growth and popularity of watch enameling, and the importance of independent watch makers and their traditions being taken into the twenty-first century. A must-have for any timepiece enthusiast.

In celebration of the book, Linde Werdelin is giving away five copies of the hardbound coffee table book.

How to win:
Simply comment on this post or leave a comment on our Facebook post for your chance to win. Leave your comment by December 7. Good luck!

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  • NeilRed

    Time to win this book

  • Jeffrey Raimond

    Wow… This is awesome!!!

  • 14STIX

    Seriously, would love this book for my office.

  • Sara

    The perfect coffee table book! Swoon.

  • jackpropp

    Sounds really amazing! Two perfect things together, watches and a book.

  • Antwon

    I’m feeling lucky…

  • David S

    Luv watches so wanna win this!!!

  • TL


  • The Lopezident

    I have had this odd fascination with watches for an extended period of time. The click clack, tick tock, tk tk tk tk just leaves me mesmerized. Much like that of a man inebrated on some type of narcotic staring at a Lava lamp. Thou can’t not deny that watches are like cool. But with more stuff than to do than me when I’m “between” jobs.

  • AS

    I never win anything … I hope this changes my luck!

  • Stefano Locci

    Super like!

  • Vincent

    Great book and a great watch company

  • Lamar

    I like their watches. I want the book

  • Ján Beňák

    Thank you for a nice competition

  • Beau Smith

    Guess if I can’t win PowerBall I’ll try for a book! #watchfiend

  • Richard Mora

    After watching the movie ‘Hugo’ my view on watches changed. I now think of watches as instruments of design. The engineering, creativity and construction process of watches are really amazing. I’ve drawn inspiration from certain watches to design and create totebags and backpacks.

  • Jeremy

    This looks like an amazing book!

  • James Corleone

    Watches are timeless and last a lifetime. I would love to win this extraordinary book.

  • Azmir


  • Rustam Sharipov

    Hook it up!

  • Justin

    Would be awesome to have this on the shelf

  • Sam

    Perfect bookshelf material

  • Jeff Rogers

    Awesome ski and dive watches,with unreal Danish design. What more could a guy from Vancouver B.C. Ask for. Dive in the morning and know what time to pack up and hit the mountain for an evening ski,all within an hour.Love you Linde Werdelin,never late with your art on my wrist. Thank you,feel free to send a sample with the book.Free advertising goes along way.

  • Andy Tippet

    Practical or jewellery

    complimenting your look?
    Always a luxury.
    I want this book——Trillson! – The watch

  • Masha Selezneva

    Like it so much!

  • Chuck

    And a Patek Philippe too, right, a book and a Patek Philippe and you pay all taxes, yep.

  • FHR

    sort me out.

  • anatoliy dzhuga

    Definitely interested…

  • chuckdisqus

    This book looks great

  • overtheradar

    It’s funny how people continue to try to accessorize a man’s wrist, when there’s nothing more timeless than a watch.

  • DA

    A book that exposes the beauty of watchmaking and time. Count me in.

  • reg


  • Michael Aquino

    This book would look timeless on my coffee table…..thanks for the contest!

  • Marilyn Nawara

    Looks interesting!

  • ushpa

    Watch me win this.

  • Kermit Crissey

    Watches, Watches, and Watches, what can be better than that. :)

  • cassandra mccann

    this looks great i would love to bring it into my home and love it

  • DuckKaty

    Looks like a beautiful book!

  • Darrell Waites

    Looks like a great book