Fashion November, 30 2012

Selectism Buyer’s Guide: 6 Simple Raincoats

Rain has been having quite the time of late. While we can’t recommend anything to protect you from flooding and apocalyptic downpours, if you do get caught in a sudden shower we’ve got six options that might interest you. Moving away from high spec technical wear, these are more the kind of throw on raincoats your mum insisted you wear to protect your school uniform. Of course, the slightly slicker, pricier grown up version, with the exception of our under £10 Muji offering. So, look out for Stutterheim, Rains for YMC, Norse Projects, K-Way & Albam – More Buyer’s Guide over here including our Christmas Gift Selection

StutterheimArlhoma Vit

The ultimate in simple rainwear, we’re big fans of Stutterheim over here. Based on a Swedish Fisherman style, those dudes know a thing or two about bad weather. “No Gore-Tex. No velcro. No mass production. And no straps or strings dangling from every seam. Meet the Arholma – the last raincoat you will ever need” Check the ‘Stockholm‘ for a more affordable take.

Norse ProjectsNunk Jacket

More Scandinavian outerwear. This ‘Nunk Jacket’ from Norse comes with wool lining keeping you warm as well as dry. A clean, simple cut.

AlbamSquall Parka

A lightweight coat offering some decent coverage with that longer length, the Squall Parka, Made in England, is a showerproof nylon/cotton mix complete with ‘hidden headphone pocket & looper system.’


K-Way packable parkas have been around for an age. Looking as good as ever, what better excuse than a storm to throw on some bright yellow and brave it out like a don.

Rains for YMCPoncho

Danish brand Rains teams up with YMC for some matte finish poncho action. Unisex, one-size fits all, drawstring peaked hood, available in a range of colours. What more could you want?

MujiFreecut E.V.A Raincoat

Perhaps this image isn’t the most flattering, but this is a rather strange jacket until you get to grips with it. Unisex, again, this option from Muji comes with cut lines allowing you to fit to size on the body and arms. Available in khaki, grey, clear & black, worn in a few times this starts to look pretty smart. An absolute bargain for under £10.