Books & Magazines December, 17 2012

Actor Michael Pitt on the Cover of Bullett Magazine – Winter 2012 “Surreal” issue

Bullett Magazine give us a look at their cover star, Michael Pitt, in the blue for this editorial, part of their Winter 2012 “Surreal” issue. In the accompanying interview the actor talks about life after Boardwalk Empire, his love of writing and recent high-profile fashion campaigns “I’ve done stuff like that to support specific artistic endeavors, it’s one of the big reasons I’ve been able to pay rent in New York. Fashion, for all its vanity and superficiality, actually raises a lot of money for organizations and supports many artists. I did the Prada campaign because, one, they asked me, and two, because they really know how to make a fucking suit.” Issue hits shelves December 18, more here.