Design December, 18 2012

Hiddenradio Portable Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio

The more we delve into the portable speaker market, the more we discover easy to use speakers with great design. Take the Hiddenradio Portable Bluetooth speaker with built in FM radio. Designed around a 360° cone form design, the Hiddenradio may be one of the more compact form factors we have come across. Using the cone speaker may be as easy as it gets.

Simply lift the cap on Hiddenradio to turn on the device as well as changing the volume of the speaker: the higher you lft the louder Hiddenradio gets. As expected, the speaker includes wireless Bluetooth connection as well as a line-in input on the base of the speaker. Setting up the speaker is a breeze. Charging happens through the USB port under the base.

While the design of Hiddenradio is one of the best we encountered, it does lack slightly in fidelity. Like most portable travel speakers we have reviewed, you lose a bit on the high-end of the audio range. The trade-off is in loudness, which Hiddrenradio has.

Those looking for a well priced and beautifully designed portable speaker, with less emphasis on the fidelity will certainly find what they need from Hiddenradio. At $149Hiddenradio Portable Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio, it makes a great gift.

Available in blackHiddenradio Portable Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio, silverHiddenradio Portable Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio, and whiteHiddenradio Portable Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio online from Hiddenradio and AmazonHiddenradio Portable Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio.

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