I’m Not a Look-Alike!’ – The Doppelganger Series by photographer François Brunelle

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Canadian photographer François Brunelle puts together this series of strange coincidences. Unrelated, total strangers to each other, he sought out pairs who looked uncannily alike and shot them side by side. The series entitled, ‘I’m Not a Look-Alike!’, came from an obsession with the idea that everyone on earth has a doppelganger, with the hope of shooting 200 couples and turning the results into a book and exhibition. While some are a little bit of a stretch others definitely fall under the ‘Twilight Zone’ Category. Judge for yourself, ‘classic’ poses and all, in the gallery.

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  • Neil B

    Less than 1/10 of this page is the story. What utter shit.

  • S johnsen

    Dress some similar people in the same clothes, Hype it! Coffee table hardcover!
    What’s next similar looking turds?

  • Z

    I really don’t think half of the subjects look exactly alike. There are very noticeable differences in the symmetry and size of features such as eyes, eyelids and bridge of the nose. A true doppelganger would be an almost exact copy of our DNA, therefore looking more similar. A very cool photography subject though