Grooming January, 9 2013

Hairstyle | The Shaved-In Part

I’d be super remiss if I didn’t open with a nod to the smooth R&B stars of the early ’90s, who I believe pioneered the idea of shaving a semi-permanent part into your hair. My wife, the hairstylist, learned of the revamped technique from a men’s product rep a few weeks back and made me her test subject—cutting my regular kit and then shaving in a thin line where I normally part my hair.

The results have been most enjoyable, as one of the worst parts of having a semi-fancy men’s cut is locating your part on a consistent basis and combing it in straight. This shaved-in deal makes the part basically fall into place when you slick back your wet hair.

The drawback is that the shaved hair grows back quickly, so you need to get the line touched up every couple of weeks. The steady-of-hand might be able to do this himself, but really, it’s your prerogative.

Cut and styling by Nicole Foster