Fashion January, 17 2013

Mr Black Garment Essentials Denim Wash

Denim enthusiasts have clashed over the issue of whether to wash or not to wash for decades. Personally I’d go for a happy medium, an occasional clean and definitely no waiting until your denim hums. In a dry shampoo sort of vibe, Mr Black offers a couple of products to help maintain the good looks and clean smell of your jeans. First of the highly concentrated denim wash “specifically formulated to clean and help maintain the original color intensity of your dry denim and pre wash jeans.” Additionally the Denim Refresh, cutting down the need for frequent cleaning by preventing stains setting and “getting to the root of the problem by attacking down the oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes the odors in the first place.” Sure to split opinion amongst denim fans, those voting in favour can head here to find their nearest stockist.