Fashion January, 18 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013 Collection

An absolutely cracking collection from Kim Jones for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013. Inspired by a trip to Bhutan, Jones brings nature and high-luxury together, somehow managing to avoid what could of been a line-up of lameness. So many great elements. The wildlife ‘Garden in Hell’ print designed by the Chapman brothers deserves first mention, beautiful and of course, creepy, it turned up in pyjamas, holdalls and evening-wear to great effect. Their snow leopard sweater equally brilliant, its wild eyes and manic grin added a little humour to the collection. Outerwear high points included relatively simple puffas and beige cashmere coats with an underlay of mink, laid out to create a subtle snow-leopard spot print. Beaver lined parkas, bull hide overcoats, cardigans made from rare New Zealand deer fibres, reindeer leather padded jackets….at every turn an incredible hide or fabric and a reminder that only a lucky few will remain calm at the sight of Winter 2013 price tags. Perfect trouser lengths, tied knitted hats, carabiner belt clips, did we mention that Chapman print? Details we may have to save for another post, as you may have sensed, we’re fully onboard.