Watches January, 21 2013

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Black or Gold Watch

Linde Werdelin releases the Oktopus II Moon to celebrate the first new moon of 2013. Conceived and developed in it’s entirety in-house, the watches display the existing phase of the moon on it’s dial as you would see it in the sky.

It consists of a five part construction that seals a Titanium inner cylinder to protect internal movement. The watch case has been crafted individually in titanium or rose gold with a satin finish and a black ceramic bezel. The case back is engraved with an illustration of an octopus by Morten Linde and the crown is stamped in a similar style.

Available from February onwards in two limited edition colorways – black and gold, with the former released in 47 pieces and the gold in 12.