Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2013 Collection

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Hedi Slimane at full Hedi Slimane-ness, Saint Laurent was everything you’d guess it to be. Skinny goes without saying, as does gaunt Rock n’ Roll boys. Add to the pile touches of grunge with plaid shirts, show off beaded jackets, military as worn by Pete & Co. and a rather nice baseball jacket offering a slight change to proceedings. Disheveled glamour for (anaemic) young folk and plenty of androgyny to keep you guessing.

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  • John Redmann

    Half of this looks great, the other half looks like it was made for Steven Tyler.

  • Milleun

    The boots, only the boots … the rest is Dior like it was 10 years ago.

    I respected this guy for his talent 10 years ago, now i only understand that he have no talent but just a really narrow vision that was relevant 10 years ago but that is “has been” today.

    And he make St Laurent CI look like a Fachist Politic party where he would be the chief.

  • no