Books & Magazines January, 30 2013

The Collected Essays of Polaroid Founder Edwin H. Land

The Impossible Project bring together the essays of Edwin H. Land, inventor, scientist and the man behind Polaroid. Last published in 1993 by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, edited by Mary McCann and authorized by Land’s wife, Terre, the three volumes are set to make a return. Divided into ‘Polarizers and Instant Photography’, ‘Science, Education and Industry’ and ‘Color Vision’, these are most certainly directed at the photography geek, no soft focus SX70 shots of your mate Mike’s moustache here. “Dr. Edwin H. Land was an inventor and scientist years ahead of his time, solving problems that were regarded as unsolvable, inventing revolutionary tools that became state of the art and founding Polaroid which became one of the most iconic and successful companies in history.” Find them here.