The Transparent iPad – Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso

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While future versions of the iPad are discussed endlessly on tech forums it’s nice to see someone getting truly inventive with the already iconic gadget. Now, Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso may have to employ magic and wizardry to create this see-through design but whichever way a transparent iPad looks to be a thing of beauty. It’s Friday, what better time for a Tommorrow’s World moment. See more after the jump.

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  • nnnng

    home screen looks good but try reading an email on transparent glass!

  • James Barrett

    Weeds season 8 featured transparent ‘iphones’ and other bits and pieces…. get one thats actually functional and then i’ll be impressed!

  • Anna

    seen this kind of thing with the iphone on youtube. nothing totally new.

  • tonhash

    somebody discovered photoshop

  • ciscofree


  • No.BS

    ‘Truly inventive’, get a grip, this is embarrassing. Posts like this make me question whether you guys actually understand what good design is.