Fashion February, 5 2013

Oki-ni Visit the Dr Martens Factory – Cobb’s Lane – Northamptonshire

Oki-ni recently got together with Dr Martens to produce a new take on the Monkey Boot. This Hair-On model caught our eye as soon as we saw it, burgundy and navy blue spot on choices. The collaboration is produced in Dr Martens’ historic Cobb’s Lane factory, Northamptonshire, reserved for the creation of their Made in England collections and special projects. Oki-ni look in on the making of their hairy footwear and share some behind the scenes knowlede.  “As you walk around the Dr Martens factory the heritage of the building is tangible. It was here, back on April 1st 1960, where the very first pair of Dr Martens came to being…” Images in the gallery, more here.