Lizzie Caplan Stars in a not so serious ‘Fashion Film’ for Viva Vena

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Lizzie Caplan Stars in a not so serious Fashion Film for Viva Vena

Some Such & Co. bring a timely reminder that fashion films can be really quite awful and we should all be ashamed at ourselves for watching them. Lizzie Caplan floats around all ethereal like for womenswear label Viva Vena, directed by Matthew Frost, with star turns from old fashioned typewriter, Polaroid SX70, Godard poster and dreamy Sofia Coppola soundtrack music. Press play.

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  • killuminati

    Fucking. Jewish whore

  • ARtifiCAL NorseMan

    I get the parody. I work in the business, and have for a long time. You are seeing a whole generation of young people who think they are original, but who are ironically anything but. It’s frustrating to see them do the same thing over and over again and think that they are the coolest creatures on the planet. Living in Silver Lake and going to the Pasadena flea market does not a genius make. Updating your social media every hour is not productive or relevant. LIkes do NOT translate into dollars.
    I have hired and fired a slew of these kinds of people, and they end up on youtube posting videos like these, living off their parents money, pretending to be successful.
    This is what coddling your children does to society.