Fashion February, 20 2013

Selectism Q&A | Marc Hare of Mr Hare on Spring Summer 2013 ‘Radio Scarpe’

Radio Scarpe, the Spring Summer 2013 collection from Mr Hare, combines all the flair and elegant goodness you’d expect from the label with, and the importance of this shouldn’t be understated, an eye on comfort. Built to keep your feet happy through the summer and beyond, Marc Hare creates shoes from the perspective of designer and wearer. Thanks for that. Taking a look at this set of images from the season featuring Hare himself, shot by Marley Lohr in Death Valley, we had questions that needed answers. Marc kindly obliged, a seriously good read if we say so ourselves, Jean Paul Belmondo and Shepherd’s Bush Market Space Trousers all after the jump.

Check out the full Spring Summer 2013 lookbook in our gallery.

Can you tell us a little about this Spring Summer 2013 campaign shoot?

My day to day world has gotten to be so real these days I relish the opportunity to create a little theatre when it comes time to do the shoots. The collection is called Radio Scarpe !! That literally translates to “shoe radio” and is the gossip network that exists between the shoe factories and tanneries in Italy. It was always my intention to make a very bright collection this season so I subverted Radio Scarpe to describe my shoes that were transmitting on some super high frequency loud colours. Radio Frequencies travel through space so I wanted to shoot something that looked like it had just fallen from space. Marley Lohr who is my campaign photographer, and I always go on a little road trip together to do the shoots. We keep it real tight production wise, just me, her and a mustang and a bag of shoes. This time however I made my own space trousers from metallic silk from Shepherd’s Bush market

What made you choose the Nevada Salt Deserts as a backdrop?

I wanted to go to a place that looked like the moon. I needed salt flats and sand dunes and blazing sun rises. I chose Death Valley because it is reasonably easy to get to and we could book end our trip in Las Vegas. Death Valley is so worth a visit if you’ve never been there. Stay at a place called Panamint Springs. It’s like a David Lynch film in the dessert, but with a wide selection of beers.

What are the ideas behind the collection itself?

I wanted to use super comfortable, almost veggie leathers because you need that in the summer heat but I didn’t want to make hippy shoes. I wanted to make sharp, flossing shoes in popping colours. So I looked for all the soft calf skins and vegetopoli’s in alien colours and metallics I could find. Choose any shoe and you will look like you just arrived from uptown but your shoes will feel beach comfortable.

What’s new for Spring Summer 2013?

Two new styles. The Che, which is a riviera loafer made from calf with a metallic fold down back. It’s like a really classy summer loafer with some Memphis colour styling to make it look like it fell from space and not your old man’s wardrobe. We made a beautiful last for that number. If it doesn’t become a loafer classic then I will eat a pair. The other new style has already become the fastest selling Mr. Hare style of all time. It is also the simplest shoe I ever made. It’s essentially a cashmere suede espadrille on a real leather sole. It’s made from a single layer of thin suede so in the blazing hot sun it is all you need to wear, but is beautifully elegant. I chose some popping colours too like jade and cobalt and turquoise and gold. The best thing is because of the leather sole you can just get them resoled, so never have to throw them away.

Besides the new styles a lot of old styles got upgrades, like the rubber soles on all the King Tubby’s and Thelonius’ and the Memphis colourways on all the classics like Miller, Mailer and Bernard.

Looking at your blog, you seem to spend a lot of time travelling, how does this influence what you do at Mr Hare?

It stops the walls closing in on me and it keeps my tan on year round. I would go crazy if I didn’t jump on a plane every few weeks and go see something new, meet some new people. You bring a little piece of every place you go home with you and every thing I bring home ends up in a Mr. Hare shoe somehow. It also breaks up the tedium. It’s easy to get into a routine and routine is repetition and repetition is replaying your life over and over. Routine is my greatest fear.

Music has always seemed to be a big influence, how has that played out in SS13?

Jonathan Richmans, Radio On is the basis and foundation of the entire collection. The sheer excitement of the possibilities of just driving down the road with your radio on. “I’m in love with the modern world, I’ve got my radio on !! ”

Do you have a particular favourite from SS13? A style you see yourself wearing through the summer?

I know that I will be bowling round London in my Ches pretending I am in Jean Paul Belmondo in Plein Soliel. And whichever sunbaked hotspot I find myself in in August, I will not be seen without my Arno’s on my feet. A guy came in the store last week and bought three pairs to take to St. Barts. I have already been rocking my silver Vonneguts since January 1st.

Beyond SS13, can you give us a little insight into Autumn Winter 2013?

AW13 is called Killer and it is all about swanky Mayfair shoes in purpley midnight blue. Double monkstraps and python skin penny loafers. Watch this space !!