Fashion February, 26 2013

Eastman Leather Clothing – CBI 75th Fighter Squadron A2 Jacket

Eastman Leather continue to uncover and reproduce some beautiful flight jackets from way back when. The A-2 holds up as just a great piece of design so we’re always eager to see the latest version keeping Gary Eastman preoccupied. The CBI 75th Fighter Squadron Jacket was worn by a unit active in the China-Burma-India theatre of WW2, it goes without saying, the model has been reproduced using an original from Eastman’s sizeable archive. Detail, as ever, has been laboured and sweated over, remaking (from scratch) the W-31 Kwik zip was a huge project in itself. The insignia patch and markings of the unit have been hand cut, stitched and layered. Flip the jacket around and you’ll see an large plate featuring Chinese text. Known as a ‘Blood Chit’, this was a message to civilians to help the pilot if shot down or crashed, a reward offered if he was safely returned to allied forces.  A beautiful piece of outerwear without the backstory, these jackets are elevated to another level when you dig a little deeper into their past. Available soon over at Eastman Leather Clothing, head to the gallery.