Fashion March, 5 2013

A Trip to the Alden Shoe Company Factory

Some more great shots from the people at Horween Leather. A record of their recent trip to the Alden factory in Middleborough, Massachusetts. Of course the two companies have worked closely in the past, bringing together footwear skills with fine leather. While by no means a small operation, each shoe is given the kind of attention and time that you’d expect from a smaller maker and this dedication to the detail most certainly tells in the finished product. “At their factory in Massachusetts things move at the “right” speed. Shoes are lasted and left on the last for several days and everything is meticulously finished – from polishing backstays to clipping extra threads. The process of making these shoes happens at a pace which allows for the manufacture of some of the finest quality production footwear in the world.” Take the tour in our gallery and read more here.