Fashion March, 8 2013

Mister Freedom Spring 2013 ‘Vaquero’ Blue Jeans – Made in the USA

Some superb denim from Mister Freedom and indigo pal Sugar Cane. Part of the ‘Viva la Revolución’ Spring 2013 Collection, rather than relying on the standard 5 pocket design which forms the basis or pretty much every pair of modern jeans, the brand look to ‘early European trousers‘ for inspiration here. Old world tailoring makes for a whole lot of unique detail including ‘side cinch straps, flared waistband, inside waist button flap, back welt pockets with reinforced facing, narrow width belt loops, no back yoke and open bottom hem.‘ The Sugar Cane denim itself is typically top quality, cotton yarn combined with recycled sugar cane fibers, a complicated process that apparently took 20 years to perfect. Fair play. An indigo dyed left hand twill denim known as ‘Okinawa 301,’ this 14oz, green selvedge fabric has a slubby, untidy feel which will fade beautifully. The amount of detail and history described on the Mister Freedom site should tell you everything you need to know about the labels dedication to design. By the way, ‘Vaquero’ forms the origins of the word Buckaroo. It’s that kind of denim. Take a close-up look in the gallery and order direct here.