Editorial | ‘This is Michael’ – 10 Men Magazine – Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2013

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Taking a look at Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2013 via 10 Men Magazine. Moving away from the stark simplicity and austere styling with which the brand is usually presented, Margaret Howell feels rather un-Margaret Howell in this L.A by night story. Still want everything. Photographer – Frederike Helwig, Stylist – Garth Spencer. See the story in the gallery

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  • Erik

    I seriously couldn’t like this photoset or collection less. It seems to be playing on the gaudy and tacky, as though to say, “if only we could iron the clothing of 53 year old men, they would look fantastic.” The outfits are terrible and the photoset is wholly founded on the fact that the model is gaunt with a pretty face. Drape anything on him and he’ll look good. I mean… this is just terrible. It made me depressed to witness this photoset. The whole world seems more gloomy now.