Design March, 21 2013

‘The Attendant’ – Abandoned London Toilet turned into Coffee Shop

If you’ve ever dreamed about drinking a fancy coffee next to a urinal, and I know from your letters that many of you have, then this underground hot drinks emporium will be right up your street. An 1890’s victorian public lavatory has been scrubbed and disinfected to within an inch of its life, transformed into an incredible looking cafe whilst retaining much of the original features. The Attendant’s itself office now acts as a kitchen while the Doulton & Co toilet bowls separate the space across the bar. The cisterns, well, they’re just there to add a bit of glamour. Breakfast, Lunch and Caravan coffee on offer, take a look at before and after in the gallery.

The Attendant – 27a Foley Street, London W1W 6DY