Design April, 2 2013

Gardenias Outdoor Furniture – Jaime Hayon for BD barcelona

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, one of Wallpaper magazine’s most influential creators of the last decade dontchaknow, has created this sleek set of furniture for BD Barcelona. ‘Gardenias’ offers something for those bored of 70s wrought iron designs and uncomfortable wicker. Armchairs, benches, pot holders, vases and watering cans are given a more organic, flowing, easy on the eye form, colours chosen for their garden friendly shades. Aluminium is wrapped with a decorative coating called ‘Alesta’ which not only provides a great looking finish but when exposed to sunlight reduces the surface’s teperature by up to 20 degrees celsius. Crucial stuff for those lucky enough to live in hotter climates. Check out the range in the gallery.

  1. Source: DesignBoom
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