Fashion April, 8 2013

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1878 Triple Pleat Jacket

Possibly the finest piece Levi’s Vintage Clothing have produced in the last 5 years, I first laid eyes on this number during the Levi’s Spring Summer Preview event and have been obsessed ever since. Hopefully these shots will give you some idea of just how beautiful the fabric and cut really is. Always wary of anything pre-faded or ‘aged’, it does what every great repro should – make you look twice. Initially this seemed like an archive piece ready to be transformed into an LVC special, part of the ‘Miner’s Story’, haggard in all the right places. Deep blue squares remain true in some areas, barely visible in others. Buttons rusted, pleats pulled as if from wear, carefully placed nicks here and there…ok, I’m getting a bit poetic on this, the point is this 1878 Triple Pleat Jacket is something very special. Get to know it in our gallery and make it yours over here.