Fashion May, 1 2013

Russell Athletic for Trainerspotter – Fall Winter 2013

Trainerspotter announce another top collaboration, following on from their Topo Oyo project, the guys pal up with Russell Athletic for Fall Winter 2013. ‘Heritage’ may have lost much of its meaning over the past few years, having been through the ringer, misused and abused. However, if we’re talking about a brand with a truly admirable history, Russell Athletic most certainly has a heritage to be proud of. From the early days of ‘Russell Southern Co.’ founded in 1902, the company claims the title of the World’s oldest sports jersey manufacturer, as well as being the only sports brand to officially supply to all 8 Ivy League colleges. Fancy that. So, back to 2013, Trainerspotter have created a small collection of jersey pieces based on archive Russell Athletic models from the ’70s and ’80s. Sweats, tees and shorts in original weight fabrics featuring some rather nice dual branding. Head to the gallery for a look at the collection and keep an eye on the website for more.