Bicycles May, 14 2013

Budnitz ‘Model No.5′ Bicycle is Made for Mellow Rides

More goodlooking bikes from Budnitz, “a city bicycle built for speed and comfort, without sacrificing performance or style” Model No.5 looks to bring a bit of class to the step-through market. While generally regarded as a ‘Mellow ride around the park with a basket full of Farmer’s Market Courgettes’ sort of frame, Budnitz spent two years engineering a model that has the ease you’d expect from a step-through with the kind of rugged build that will allow you to pick up the pace when necessary. A lightweight titanium frame coming in at just 4 pounds, the split-tube No.5 cantilever frame holds sturdy 29-inch wheels with German-made evolution rubber tires ready to take on bumpy city streets and dirt roads alike. Available single speed or ‘clean and quiet internal transmission’ and in a range of colours and sizes, another absolute knockout from this U.S maker. Get hold of one here, check out the details in our gallery.