Art May, 16 2013

Photographer Martin Schoeller Shoots Identical Twins – Compare & Contrast

Time and National Geographic photographer Martin Schoeller reluctantly took on the assignment of shooting identical twins at Twinsburg, Ohio, for the annual Twins Day Festival. Yes, that exists. In an interview over at Fast Co. Schoeller explains “Oh my god, twins, really? It’s like the most obvious thing in photography. Right after sunsets comes twins.” However, he was quickly drawn into the project, shooting his subjects as individuals rather than pairs in a strictly controlled environment (angles, lighting, clothing all the same) uncovering the similarities and differences that came with living convergent or wildly separate lives. His striking work may be familiar – Schoeller has shot memorable portraits of Bill Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Murray and many other big names in this unforgiving, intimate style. A perfect device for capturing the twins, triplets and Quadruplets who feature in his book Identical: Portraits of Twins. “There’s always the question of comparison, on one hand you’re born with your best friend for life, and on the other hand it’s a curse.” Read the full interview with Schoeller over at Fast Co.