Accessories May, 17 2013

Travelteq’s Latest iPhone 5 Case with a Little Extra Storage

I’m not a huge fan of multi-functional iPhone cases. You have your phone, your wallet and that’s that. More often than not, that all-singing, all-dancing carrier becomes a cumbersome brick; every time you pull out your phone to answer up comes all your receipts from the past month and everyone gets a look at your credit cards/that weird picture of your cat you carry around. However, Travelteq offer something I can work with. A beautiful, handmade in Italy, Florentine Vachetta leather holder with just one single slot, limiting the amount you can store but allowing you to keep just one or two cards to hand. From the images it looks like you might be able to slide your Visa fully inside and out of sight, either way it’s a handsome old thing and you can find it here.