Design May, 20 2013

OMA Mini Speaker System Swaps New for Old

Oswalds Mill Audio buck the trend for hi-tech, looking to the past for audio inspiration. Rather than depending on the newest innovations to power their systems, OMA head back in time ‘when the creation of horn loaded loudspeakers, field coil and full range speakers, tube amplifiers, and analog reproduction represented the highest technical challenge and achievement.’ Creating some quite spectacular, hand-built equipment (take a look at their Imperia spaceship-esque creation), the Mini speaker system seems to be the most restrained of the range. A compact, two way horn based speaker, while popular HiFi drivers tend to distort at lower levels this uses Professional drivers famed for their reliability and ‘Bullet-proof’ performance. Cast in aluminium by a foundry in Pennsylvania, their Conical horn design means this is as good-looking as it is effective. An equally handsome birch ply or bamboo non-resonant box holds the woofer, a 3 leg carbon steel stand in a variety of coatings finishes it all off. If you’re a speaker show-off with a thing for classic technology, OMA has a range of amplifiers, turntables, racks and various other audio bits to complete the set. More info here, get up close in the gallery.