Architecture May, 21 2013

Heading to Bloemendaal, Holland – Villa V by Paul de Ruiter Architects

A two storey structure with a nod to matters Green, this build from Paul de Ruiter Architects, Holland, brings together a whole lot of glass and coloured sustainable timber, natural materials only on this Dutch project. In fact, the wood used at the entrance and garage comes from an old ship that was found at a demolition company in North Brabant. Nice. Designed with the preservation of the landscape in mind, the structure sits in the slope of a hill, huge sliding doors allowing inside and outside to connect with the pull of a handle. Energy efficient, the architect explains “An efficient and compact structure has been designed with excellent insulation…there is geothermal energy storage, a heat pump and solar collectors on the roof, which is covered with moss sedum.” Take the tour in the gallery.