Fashion May, 24 2013

Kit Neale Goes Tutti Frutti for Bompas & Parr Installation

Food magicians Bompas & Parr, designers of  “spectacular experiences often working on an architectural scale with cutting edge technology…exploring how the taste of food is altered by synaesthesia, performance and setting” join forces with British designer Kit Neale. To celebrate Kew Garden’s summer festival IncrEdibles, a celebration of edible plants, Neale has knocked up some tasty uniforms for staff working on the Bompas & Parr installation. “A dramatic display that will ask people to think again about the food that they eat every day. The pond in front of the Palm House, one of London’s most iconic structures, will be transformed into a giant fruit salad boating lake.” So, OTT fruit prints on jeans, aprons, tees and shorts should do the trick. See them all in the gallery.