Electronics May, 30 2013

Yves Behar Presents iPhone Operated Security System – August Lock

With keyless, smartphone entry becoming quite the thing, another option has appeared to make you rethink your attachment to that jangly bunch of janitor style keys. The August Lock from San Francisco designer Yves Behar and co-founder Jason Johnson, is a cylindrical device that fits over your existing deadbolt, controlled via an accompanying app. Your door can automatically unlock via bluetooth when the phone is detected in close proximity to the device. Remote opening allows you to let guests in wherever you are. An access code can be assigned to certain guests for certain times and dates – for example, your local friendly handyman round to fix your sink or the holidaymaker who has rented your flat for the week. The app also allows you to send invitations and leave notes and messages guestbook style. The device itself has been designed to give as much peace of mind as possible. LEDs flash green or red to signal locked or unlocked while an in-built speaker lets you hear the actual locking sound. Ok, so this may be the quickest way to induce panic halfway to work and, well, what would we do will all our jazzy keyrings? Perhaps not for those of a panicky disposition, this is undoubtedly an amazing piece of kit. Available in 8 different tones to match your existing set-up, available over here for pre-order. More below and in our gallery.