Books & Magazines June, 12 2013

A First Look at PORT Magazine Issue 10 Editorial – ‘Land of my Brothers’

Our friends at PORT magazine send over this exclusive editorial, ‘Land of my Brothers,’ a preview from the shiny new Summer Issue. Shot by Stefan Heinrichs, PORT fashion director David St John-James (on styling duties) fills us in on a little background to this beautiful story.

Photographer Stefan Heinrichs and I have been working closely since the earliest issues of PORT magazine. I wanted to work together again but for this issue I wanted a story that felt fresh, intimate and personal. I wanted it to feel warm and almost sentimental. Plus, I wanted us to shoot outdoors. Port’s Casting Consultant, Eddy Martin, searched across the country and the Atlantic for brothers that we could shoot. And found three that fit the bill perfectly. We travelled to the heartland of Wales and spent one weekend with a family that was not only hospitable but kind and generous. The story will be one which will stick with me for the years to come.

Featuring the likes of Stone Island, Stone Island, Hermes, Dunhill, Dior Homme, Albam and Ralph Lauren this quietly brilliant story is a must-see.

Back to Issue 10. Cover story ‘A New Golden Age,’ brings together some of the biggest names in print, leading editors including Graydon Carter (Vanity Fair), Hugo Lindgren (The New York Times Magazine) and Jim Nelson (GQ). A more than convincing argument for the growing strength of good ol’ fashioned paper publications. Additionally, look out for words and images from Carrie Fisher, Sir Kenneth Grange, Double RL, Joyce Carol Oates on Marlon Brando and War journalist Ben Anderson tackling the issue of heroin and the Afghanistan police. Check out the cover in our gallery and grab a copy from tomorrow in stores and online.