Fashion June, 12 2013

New Lasts, New Colours: Grenson Fall Winter 2013 Footwear

Back to a Selectism regular. Grenson return with a fulsome Fall Winter collection, a little something for just about everyone. This season sees a totally new last based on WW2 American Paratrooper boots, tweaked for a modern fit, smart, comfortable with ‘an exaggerated asymmetrical curved shape to accommodate the foot.’ Wedge soles continue to be a focus for the brand, a new brick colourway introduced for those looking for an alternative to white. Fluorescents in the classic Stanley shoe as well as green and navy blue grain leathers if you’re after something a little more subdued. Two stories that caught our eye during press day. First off, the grain leather all-black set which uses textured black leather upper, black sole and black laces in brogue, plain boots and shoes. Simple and striking. Secondly, one for a future post all of its own, Grenson create a very british 3 shoe collection, crepe sole and snuff suede, look out for its appearance here very soon. Head to the gallery for a whole lot more.