Accessories June, 17 2013

A Clean and Simple Spring Summer 2014 from Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell gave a talk at the V&A last Friday. Looking back at her beginnings it seems a photograph of a young Howell as captain of the school hockey team, might, in a small way, have been the start of it all. She points to her uniform. White aertex shirt, navy skirt. Utilitarian, unfussy, functional, simple…words we use, perhaps overuse, every time she pops up on these pages. That’s just it though. Sticking to what she knows best for so many years means perfecting, improving on a theme that, whilst not particularly ground-breaking, is executed with such skill and care that it becomes striking it its straightforwardness. Beautiful in its refusal to be anything else. This is Spring Summer 2014 from Margaret Howell. Utilitarian, unfussy, functional, simple..