Fashion June, 26 2013

Kickers & Christopher Shannon Reunite for Spring Summer 2014 Hybrid ‘Shandal’

For their fourth capsule collection, old mates Christopher Shannon and Kickers concentrate on the Kick Hi in two forms. For those looking for a bit extra, the Kick Shandal CS “combines the rugged stance and youthful expression of the Kick Hi and expands this with a classic men’s summer sandal.” What you got here is a 2-for-1 situation in black and white or vice versa, featuring thickened soles and patent leather straps with embossed fleurette patterns – limited to a run of just 200. Shannon explains “I wanted to add the feeling of something a bit ’70s with the repeat of the fleurette design, they went from being a quite hard core idea on paper to something really refined and identifiable.” The Kick Hi CS presents the standard shape, again with thickened sole, with enamelled D rings for a more solid feel, a marbled fleurette trim and chunky flecked laces. A couple of clever updates on a classic, you’ll have a bit of a wait for this duo, released February 2014.