Fashion June, 27 2013

Raf Simons talks ‘Interzone’ and Blurred Gender for Spring Summer 2014

Dazed Digital grab some time with Raf Simons after the show that got everyone chattering. Spring Summer 2014 was pretty next level. Not for the fact that it was jam packed full of man-skirts, man-skirts surely not headline news anymore, but simply because it felt so sharply fresh. Showing outside of Paris amongst the work of Calder and Prouvé in the Le Bourget Gagosian Gallery, Simons describes “All I can say about tonight is it was an environment that connects very much to a dream scenario for me. As you know I am an industrial designer graduate and I only came to fashion later. Being able to show in relation to the work of Jean Prouvé, and Alexander Calder is a very emotional thing for me…” Exploring the convergence and clash of various ideas in past and present collections, Simons talks about the concept of ‘Interzone,’ a term long-associated with his work – “I can’t define it. I’ve been trying to find out for two decades now and I find myself ending up in interzones without knowing how to define it but it’s something that attracts me very much. We used to create that kind of space and moment in relation to the world that we are expressing through clothes very much in the early days and I think lately we feel very much the desire to do that again. ”

Read the full interview over at Dazed and see Raf Simons Spring Summer 2014 in our gallery.