See the New Red Wing Heritage 875 and 877 Boots

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See the New Red Wing Heritage 875 and 877 Boots

Red Wing Heritage is changing things up on their 875 and 877 boot models to make them more authentic and closer to the originals that were first launched some 61 years past. Rather than the typical Oro-iginal leather used on previous editions of the 6-inch and 8-inch moc-toe boots, Red Wing is moving to Oro Legacy: a “more natural richly colored leather that harkens back to the days when Red Wing’s salesmen recalled pulling boots out of the box ‘slick with oil.’” The new Oro Legacy leather is more natural and allows for the “character” of the boots to patina more gracefully. They double-checked their archives to ensure the new leather matches the originals as close as possible. Those looking to upgrade their boot game will certainly enjoy these new looks from Red Wing Heritage.

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  • kaskar

    And I bougt a paif of 877s this winter… Now I have to wait 8-10 years to get a new pair

  • notlie

    classic leahter boots.

  • OliverHenry

    All the boot are very nice and durable

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  • OliverHenry

    The boots are manly and attractive

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  • afou kathomai kai sas diavazw

    Red wing is awesome i have a pair of iron ranger boots for 4 years now and it is like new very good durable boots the only competition in this style is wolverine 1000 mile heritage good year welted both history of traditional american shoemakers. Iam sure that these boots877and 875d follow the tradition of this company.