A Familiar Canine on this Gasius for Goodhood Long-Sleeved White Tee

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Goodhood continue their relationship with London artist Russell Maurice, better known as Gasius. A familiar looking cartoon dog and other recognisable animated characters cover long and short sleeved tees. This particular all white number is a favourite, as anyone who experienced their teen years during the ’90s will know, long-sleeved t-shirts equal happy times. Gasius lists his interests as: Down by the river, Ancient crumbley lost civilization, Green seeds, 70′s logo types, Early 80′s Comics ,Mid-late 90′s Skate, space cakes, Early Disney (before it became McDisbucks) Early 80′s Lotus Esprit, BluePort, Barnesy, TCA, MushroomsLSD, Rave (first time round) then Jungle then Drum n Bass. Hope that helps. Find the full collection here.

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