Better than “Budz” – A Marijuana Rebranding

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Better than Budz   A Marijuana Rebranding

The Denver Egotist pointed us in the direction of Beger & Föhr’s rebranding of ol’ Mary Jane. “For the beautiful thing that it is, marijuana has some truly shameful graphic design associated with it,” The Egotist says. We heartily agree, and this work—done at the behest of Icon Magazine—seems like a leap in the right direction. The boulder-based agency designed product packaging for an imagined brand called Delta-9, and we think the B&W generic BEER simplicity and sharp overall design lend well to the mighty herb.

Better than Budz   A Marijuana Rebranding

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  • Weedbay Guy

    Too plain, back to the drawing board unless you’re trying to bore people to death. This is like watching dead people dance.

    • mickey

      not to worry, the cylinder contains a crayon