Art July, 22 2013

Photographer Timm Kölln Captures Pro Cyclists in ‘The Peloton’ Exhibition

German photographer Timm Kölln has been shooting professional cyclists since 2005, a hobby turned full-blown project, he describes “I have known the Peloton, the pack, as a complex structure of alliances and dependency, of discrepancy and membership, fascinating in its own.” A sport which has had its fair share of controversy, Kölln continues to be fascinated with the communities reaction to doping scandals and the way in which riders have dealt with the constant air of suspicion hanging over them. His incredible black and white portraits, raw, seemingly straight of the bike portraits, were published in book form in 2010 by Rouleur. Now, lucky Berlin folk can get up close with his work at ‘The Peloton by Timm Kölln,’ for a taster check out some images and the book in our gallery.

The Peloton by Timm Kölln – until the 21st of August – Fotopioniere Karl-Marx-Allee 87, 10243 Berlin.