Fashion July, 24 2013

Mister Freedom Present The Sportsman MFSC Collection for Fall 2013

Once again, everything in its right place for yet another spot-on Mister Freedom collection. Here we take a look at The Sportsman MFSC line for Fall Winter 2013. Made in the USA, Christophe Loiron describes “The Sportsman concept is about the feeling of walking into an old pre-70′s Army/Navy surplus store, with its stacks of Americana bits and pieces, piles of New Old Stock ‘unfashionable’ clothes…” Detail nailed down to the stitch, seven pieces make up this latest run. Denim in the form of the 13.75 Oz Californian Blue Jeans Lot.64,  13.75 Oz Ranch Blouse and Appaloosa Shirt revisit some old MF favourites. The Camp Flannel Shirt with its shadow plaid in Red or black and classic white Skivvy tee offer lighter layers. Knitwear hits a high with the Campus Cardigan, made by Ohio Knitting Mills, a classic Varsity style in either natural or indigo dye. Finally, “an endeavor that made us feel that Shackelton had it easy,” the campus jacket in an incredible natural cowhide, a riff on the A-1, ready to break in. So good. Find it all here from September.