Fashion July, 25 2013

Sunspel Classics Receive the Woad Dye Treatment

A very traditional take on blue, Sunspel introduce some classic cuts dyed the old-fashioned way. Woad goes way back to Neolithic times, the original British blue, Queen Boudica and the Iceni tribe used it to paint their faces with it before battle, so, no need for the big sell here, this is the real thing. As is always the case, shiny new synthetic methods were developed and the woad industry collapsed in the early 1900s. Today, a few skilled experts still operate on a small-scale, reminding everyone that great, natural shades of blue aren’t just a Japanese indigo thing. Two models, Sweatshirt and tee, are hand-dyed, “every soaking binding more dye to the fabric and building up the depth of colour, until after several repetitions the perfect woad blue is achieved.” No two pieces alike, the Fall Winter capsule collection will hit shelves soon.