A Look Inside Thom Browne’s Greenwich Village Apartment

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Want to nosey around Thom Browne’s NYC apartment? Curious about his in taste soft furnishings? Wondering what kind of chairs a man in slim-fit shorts would choose for maximum comfort? Well, here’s your chance. Architectural Digest take a look inside his impressive home, a mix of modern and early/mid twentieth century of the more gilt-edged variety, with pieces from the likes of Paul McCobb, Jansen, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Gio Ponti and a very small bed from Adnet. Nice. Take the tour in our gallery.

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  • Scott Pargett

    Love the single bed.

    • http://bartsz.com/ Bart

      I was wondering about that. Is it a guest bed or he always plans on sleeping alone??

  • nautilusjv

    Meh, not so impressed with the overall look, but some individual pieces are nice.

  • Chris

    Wow, that’s incredibly boring. The bathroom tile is beyond horrible.

    • emjayay

      It looks like something that was already there. That if I was so design conscious and also rich I would replace already.

  • emjayay

    I also insist on having perfectly spaced color coordinated bottles with no purpose on the only shelf over my bathroom sink. Or maybe a tube of toothpaste and a coffee cup from die Munchner Chriskindl Markt with scissors and razors and stuff in it.

  • Dick Trickle


  • BrendaKilgour

    Well, at least the chair legs go all the way to the floor, unlike his trousers. Is Mr Browne’s business on its last legs as well? Maybe he was going for austere, but it feels a bit pinched.

  • Gabriella Janet


    Fashion gets repeated… the 50 yrs old style is getting altered with minor changes and brought into use