Fashion August, 14 2013

Outlier Explore Technical Tailoring With The Blazed Collection

Outlier, purveyors of fine techwear, apply their ethos of function & comfort to a new line of smart wear. “At the core of Outlier is the idea of tailored performance; essential clothing evolving to meet the needs of the 21st century.” The Blazed collection includes two key items. The Pivot Dress shirt woven in openpoint oxford, a waterproof cloth that breathes and absorbs, hiding any embarrassing sweat patches, also features a ‘Pivot Sleeve shirt design’ which removes key tension points, maximising freedom of movement. The OG Blazer “shrugs off light rain and dirt with a “self-cleaning” NanoSphere treatment” as well as doubleweave fabric with Cordura grade nylon woven on the outside for added durability and flexibility. Of course, you’re going to need a pair of trousers, the brand recommends 60/30 chinos or the new OG in navy, flat black and charcoal, shades matching the blazer. Head to the site for orders and info.