A Stacked House in Montreal from naturehumaine Architects

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A collaborative project with the client, naturehumaine have created this home in a back alley of Montréal’s Plateau neighborhood. A combination of extensions and buildings, four separate boxes in total, all styles found in the local area, the width restrictions meant an upwards rather than outwards build. A central void brings in light and provides ventilation as well as offering a hidden outdoor space, the interior design as impressive as the exterior. Take a look in the gallery for more.

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  • redadair97

    ” all styles found in the local area”… as a non architect I laugh when I see comments like this because inevitably the references to local existing architecture are so minute and subtle that they are invisible….I live in the area I can tell you that the house looks nothing like houses in the area…..except for ones where the owners had the misfortune of being talked into putting vinyl siding over the brickwork…..otherwise I’m sure it’s a very nice, well designed house just don’t kid yourself about blending in with the neighbourhood….