Fashion August, 26 2013

Ralph Lauren RRL Knitwear for Fall Winter 2013

Unionmade recently joined the very short list of RRL online retailers. Here we take a look at some knitwear for when the chill kicks in. The earnest off-shoot brand has always been a favourite, and while we’d never go as far as to the call this knitwear collection affordable (it’s not even an long-lost cousin of affordable), the pricing for this particular selection wasn’t as astronomical as we were expecting. Of course, you know the story by now; that days of yore, Americana thing done right. So, plenty of shawl collars, several appearances from indigo, Southwestern patterns and brass Talon replica zippers. Particularly pleasing – a ’40s zip-up cardigan with a sweet fade. Head on over to the gallery for a full look and find the collection here.