Architecture August, 29 2013

See the “Genius Loci” Vacation Home in Montauk, New York

This vacation home in residential Montauk was formerly a horse ranch, so it’s surrounded by beautiful rolling green pasture. But what’s more impressive than the open and breathtaking landscape around the house is the house itself. The designers, Bates Masi Architects, named it “Genius Loci,” or “protective spirit,” because they wanted it to capture the spirit of Montauk. Montauk’s unpredictable weather and unique history is portrayed in the irregular circulation path of the house and the almost-out-of-place wooden bridge that connects two clads. The interior is extremely open with windows for a panoramic view of the outside, enjoyable over dinner or simply while lounging in the living room. Vacationers can also relax by the infinity pool, where the declining view of the lake makes it feel like it’s part of the already lavish home.