Architecture August, 30 2013

The Ideal Shared House by Naruse Inokuma Architects – Nagoya, Japan

With a growing demand for shared properties across Japan, Naruse Inokuma Architects  lay out their ideal design in this Nagoya property. The concept is based around giving equally sized private individual rooms – (a staggering) 13 bedrooms, 7.2 square metres each, whilst creating a number of open-plan shared spaces across the three floors allowing for large gatherings. Whilst living in a house with 13 other people sounds like some kind of permanent youth hostel nightmare, the space seems big enough to make escape a possibility whilst offering plenty of opportunity for chit-chat with your fellow housemates. The architect describes “The shared and individual spaces were studied simultaneously and, by laying out individual rooms in a three-dimensional fashion, multiple areas, each with a different sense of comfort, were established in the remaining shared space.”