Architecture September, 30 2013

A Closer Look At The Serpentine Sackler Gallery by Zaha Hadid

Photographer Luke Hayes offers  some superb images of Zaha Hadid‘s latest London project. The Serpentine unveiled the Sackler Gallery last week, a short walk from their current site, this shiny new 900 square metres build, including restaurant and social space, finds home in Kensington Gardens.  A renovated nineteenth century munitions store, the current building holds the new extension, a sweeping white form typical of Hadid’s work, glass-fibre textile sitting comfortably beside the original brick structure. Hadid explains “The idea here was to use a new material – a tensile structure – and to look at domes and a shell structure to achieve a lightweight contemporary project…It is necessary sometimes to be able to match and be adjacent to historic buildings. The idea here was to really prove that you can have these two worlds, which are the new and the old, and then the garden and the park together in a seamless way.”

Currently showing, incredible large scale structures from Adrián Villar Rojas – “Today We Reboot The Planet.” Take a tour of the new site in our gallery.