Design October, 4 2013

The Ultimate Kitchenware Set – 43 Piece Malle W. Trousseau Trunk

The perfect gift if you’re cash rich and time poor (we’re not saying lazy),  the Malle W. Trousseau Trunk designed by French couple Isabelle Mathez and Frederic Winkle was inspired by their daughter leaving home and trying to make off with the contents of their kitchen. Bringing together 43 of the best and most beautiful utensils from around the world, three trays are contained within the trunk covering the three Cs:  CUT, COOK & CONTAINERS. Inside the sturdy cardboard, wooden-framed “trousseau” you’ll find Japanese Shun Knives, Danish wooden spatulas, a Finnish cast iron casserole pot, Swedish oven gloves, American strengthened glass containers, French beech chopping boards, German Balloon whisks and much much more. If you’ve got $5,800 going spare this month, find your box of kitchen magic over here.